Westerly Under Counter Water Cooler

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1. Bottleless, compact slim design (14 x 14 x 5 in.) and whisper-quiet, our water cooler will reduce the cost of constant purchases of water

2. Saves countertop space: easy to install under almost any sink

3. Cold and crisp (20 deg. below the ambient temp), purified water on demand

4. Activated carbon filter cartridge (will last 6 months or 1500 gallons), with fast & easy change-out; Reduces particulate, heavy metals, chlorine taste & odor, etc.

5. Stainless steel faucet not only pairs well with main kitchen faucets, it is also easy to install with a single hole in your countertop and electricity under your sink

Westerly under the sink water purification system uses a carbon filter to purify the water which is then cooled. This design allows you to have filtered cool water effortlessly and without having to store in a refrigerator. Water temperature will consistently stay below 59 degrees fahrenheit/15 degrees celsius. This sleek compact design is perfect for storing under most kitchen sink cabinet areas. The carbon filter is easily replaceable and lasts for up to 6 months. Carbon filters can be purchased separately. Installation requires an additional hole to allow for the faucet to be installed properly and a plug under or near the intended storage area. Full installation kit includes: 1/4" quick connect tubing, 3 way 1/4" push connect adapter, under sink 3/8" adapter with shut off valve, and detailed instructions with illustrationsAuto shut off, manual on/off switch and light indicatorModel: 262925Power Consumption: 75 WattsVoltage/Frequency: 110V-120V~ 60Hz 1.3A