SPARTA 3638831EC05 Polyester Rectangle Scrub Brush, Floor Brush, Cleaning Brush With Swivel Head For Cleaning, 8 Inches, Blue

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Swivels onto its side to clean baseboards, walls, around kitchen equipment, and hard-to-reach areas where other devices can't reach. Use the General Scrub for routine scrubbing and Power Scrub for heavy scrubbing and stripping of wax build-up. Polyester Scrub resists water, high temperatures, acids, alkalis, and most cleaning solutions. Swivel Scrub with Polyester Bristles is perfect for everyday use in hotels/motels, food preparation, food processing, schools and health care facilities. Scrub brush bristles and block color match for a cohesive look. This industrial-quality product is an investment that is effective in industrial and domestic settings.