San Jamar Paper Towel Dispenser Holds Multifold/C-Fold Towels with Standard Key Lock for Bathroom, Kitchens, and Restaurants, Metal, 14.75 x 11.375 x 4 Inches, Silver

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Introducing the San Jamar Paper Towel Dispenser - the perfect solution for efficient paper towel dispensing in bathrooms, kitchens, and restaurants. Crafted from sturdy metal in a sleek silver finish, this dispenser measures 14.75 x 11.375 x 4 inches, offering a reliable and durable addition to any space. Say goodbye to constant refills with our dispenser's impressive capacity. With the ability to conveniently store 300 c-fold or 500 multifold towels. Our dispenser features a touchless one-at-a-time dispensing feature, minimizing waste. Users can easily retrieve a single towel, reducing paper towel usage and maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. Security is paramount, which is why our dispenser comes equipped with a standard key lock. This added feature provides protection against tampering and towel theft, ensuring that your towels are always secure and available for use. Designed for effortless mounting on most wall surfaces, it provides convenient access to towels while optimizing space utilization. Whether it's in a restroom, kitchen, or restaurant, our dispenser fits seamlessly into any environment. Crafted from durable metal, our dispenser offers longevity and reliability, making it perfect for high-traffic environments where durability is essential.