Remington MB6850 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer, Lithium Power and Adjustable Length Comb with 11 Length Settings (2-18mm)

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The REMINGTON Vacuum Beard and Stubble Trimmer collects up to 95% of trimmed hairs so you can leave behind the hassle of cleanup. The powerful vacuum system works as you style, creating maximum suction to deposit trimmed hairs into the removable collection chamber instead of onto the sink or bathroom floor. The self-sharpening steel blades offer precise trimming and detailing on facial hair, sideburns, and the neckline. And they’re removable for easy cleaning. You can get the exact look you want using the adjustable length guide comb that locks in to 11 different length settings. With the rechargeable power of lithium, you get up to 90 minutes of cordless runtime on a full charge. Based on laboratory trials capturing 6 mm length cut hair.