HOMZ Durabilt Heavy Duty 18 Gallon Plastic Organizer Storage Bins with Lids and Handles, Black and Yellow, Pack of 8

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This HOMZ 18 Gallon Durabilt LLDPE Tough Storage Container is built with extreme durability to withstand ongoing use. Built with LLDPE material making it resistant to extreme weather conditions. Whether you are going camping, fishing, hauling sports equipment or just storing your personal items in the garage, this tote is the ultimate reliable tool to get the job done. Our storage tub is built from thick heavy duty plastic, and designed with nesting capabilities which allows for multiple totes to be stacked with locking precision. Strong handle design enables you to carry these durable totes with ease. If you choose to further secure these totes, you may tie them down with straps or locks through 6 hasp areas. Its distinctive black base and yellow lid make this container easy to locate in your storage area.