Hog Wild - Birdie Golf - Outdoor Game for Family Fun in The Backyard, at The Beach, on The Lawn - Active Play for Kids, Adults and Families – Set Includes 2 Clubs, 1 Flag, 4 Birdies and 1 Caddy Pack

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It’s hole-in-fun for the whole family with Birdie Golf from Hog Wild. This new take on the classic golf game adds elements of badminton to create an action-packed game all ages will enjoy. Create your own course with real golf action, any place you choose. First, toss the flag out to create each hole, then set the birdie ball up on its built-in stand, and 1-2-3-Fore. The ball goes flying, and the birdie tail keeps it in play, no matter how powerful the swing. Perfect for all ages and skill levels, Birdie Golf is a game the whole family will enjoy playing together. The special birdie design prevents the balls from rolling away, keeping the play close and exciting, something little kids will love. Includes 2 clubs, 1 flag, 4 birdies and 1 caddy pack. About Hog Wild: At Hog Wild, we develop innovative toy, gift and novelty products that are fun, funky and functional. We embrace the absurd and reject the conventional. We’re here to make you laugh, make you run and make you film yourself doing something ridiculous. We strive to be over the top, out of the box and just on the line of good taste (one of our top toys is fake poo- what would you like us to do?. ?). Hog Wild products are designed to provide the kind of silly fun that keeps kids happy and are cool enough that adults will join in and enjoy the fun too. Check out our full range of popular foam ball poppers and squishy stickies, to our active outdoor games and unconventional gifts. We know how to have a good time, and with Hog Wild products, we know you will, too.