Globe Electric 13360 6" Triceratops and 9" Brontosaurus Dinosaur Duo Multicolor Changing Integrated LED Rechargeable Silicone Night Light, White, Table Lamp, Tap Light, Room Décor, Home Décor

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COLOR CHANGING: the lamp changes between a variety of different colors for a calm soothing effect EASY TO USE: with a tap on Triceratops' or Brontosaurus' head, you can choose the color of light you want DECORATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL: designed to give a soft glow, this night light is perfect for a child's bedroom, a play room or even a bathroom - anywhere you would need a dim, warm, fun accent light PLAYFUL FUN: the cute Triceratops and Brontosaurus bring a playful whimsy to any space plus, they giggle when you tap them on the head completing their fun, interactive design SOFT SILICONE BODY: suitable for a bedroom, nursery, baby room, playroom or den, this energy-efficient light has a soft BPA free silicone exterior and can be enjoyed by all members of the family Water Resistance Level: Not Water Resistant Is Assembly Required: True Item weight: 0.5 pounds