Flexible Flyer Snow Boat Sled. 48” Plastic Sno Slider Bobsled, 48 x 24 x 7.25 inches, Model:912

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Flexible Flyer plastic snow sled is perfect for families that enjoy snow sledding together. 48-Inch sled holds 2 riders. 4 Handle cutouts ensure that both riders have a secure grip. Made of durable no break resin with a super-slick hard plastic sled bottom. Includes red foam sled cushion pad. Slick super sled bottom flies down hills and glides over new snow instead of 'digging in' Like many sno sliders and play sleds. For even more speed, wax flat sled bottom. Snowsled for kids ages 4 and up. 48 x 24 x 7. 25 Inches. Weighs 4 lbs. Tow rope is included.