Duraflame 3D Black Curved Front, Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control | Black Electric Portable Heater 1500W | DFI-7117-01

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Adding charm and warmth to your home is easy with this duraflame Electric Stove Heater with Infragen. It combines the wide-reaching heat of infrared quartz with the instant directional heating of halogen technology to efficiently warm up to 1,000 sq. ft. of your home - all without reducing the humidity in the air. Turn down your thermostat and use this stove heater when and where you need it for supplemental zone heating that will save you money on your next heating bill. Patent pending 3D Flame Effect technology along with 5 brightness settings creates realistic flames that dance on and behind the logs. The stove’s interior back panel features a natural stacked stone pattern behind the fire, while the operable, wire mesh door and two wire mesh side panels offer three-sided viewing. A digital readout and an included remote control with 2 AAA batteries makes controlling the level of warmth in your space quick and easy. Cord management on the back of the unit will also prevent tangled wires. Manufactured and distributed by Twin-Star International, Inc., under license from Duraflame, Inc. duraflame, the flame symbol and logo are registered trademarks of Duraflame, Inc.