Comfort Zone Metal Utility Heater 1,500-Watts

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Keep your workshop, garage or basement warm and comfortable while you work on projects with this portable electric shop heater. This Comfort Zone PowerGear Ceramic Utility Heater features a durable metal frame designed to withstands regular use and a pivoting cradle base that directs heat and air flow wherever you need it. Its quiet, high-efficiency fan won't disturb you while you concentrate on your work, and an adjustable thermostat and two heat settings give you control necessary to create the temperature you want. Fan-forced heating delivers wide heat dispersion, and a fan-only setting provides airflow alone when heat isn't required. The stay-cool housing and sturdy carry handle make it easy to move the shop heater around your workshop as you jump from project to project. To keep you safe while you work, an advanced safety system includes an overheat protection sensor, tip-over cutoff switch and power and caution indicator lights.