AOKCOS Vibration Plate Exercise Machine, Full Body Workout Fitness Platform

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BUILD MUSCLE-Whether you want to increase bone density, exercise muscles, or want to lose fat and build a good body shape, our fitness platform will be your best choice. Smooth vibration can wake up the muscles of the whole body, strengthen muscle tension, increase bone density, and can reduce chronic pain after injury or surgery. LOSE WEIGHT AND FAT-For men and women who pay attention to their figure, the vibration platform can not only strengthen muscles, but also promote metabolism and improve blood circulation, and burn off excess fat. The tension belts on both sides of the vibration platform can help you achieve the purpose of strengthening and strengthening the upper and lower body while vibrating. UNIQUE DESIGN-There is a small stool on the platform, it can be placed on the platform or can be moved out. For those who want to exercise leg muscles or reduce leg fat, you can sit on a stool and place your legs on the platform for exercise. VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL-You can adjust the vibration levels of 1-99 levels by remote control according to the current state to meet your sports needs. The higher the level, the greater the vibration. You can also choose 5 pre-set program or any combination.(Please note that there are no batteries in the remote control.) THE FITNESS PARTNER AT HOME-The silent mode when using the vibration platform is very suitable for families who like to be quiet, it will not cause noise troubles, and you can spend a few minutes a day at any time for comfortable fitness exercises at home.