Anolon Allure Nonstick Bakeware Set includes Nonstick Cookie Sheet with Rack, Baking Pan and Cake Pans - 5 Piece, Onyx/Black/Pewter

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Whip up simple and classic baked goods or let the creative baker inside you roam free, with the stylish, high-performance Anolon(r) Allure(tm) Nonstick Bakeware 5-Piece Bakeware Set. This set of baking pans combines top-grade bakeware construction and a stylish two-tone palette for premium baking performance enhanced by a distinctive look. Sturdy, warp-resistant heavy-duty bake pans provide the dependable, steady heating required for great baking. And the nonstick baking pan rims are rolled for even more durability. The side handles and rims on each baking pan are generously sized for plenty of grasp even with bulky oven mitts. Use this high-performance nonstick bakeware to perfect all-around classics like a moist, golden-yellow cake, put an imaginative spin on red velvet brownies, or turn out gluten-free snickerdoodles by the dozen. The baking sheet is useful for everything from cookies to slow-toasting sriracha-glazed almonds, and for cooling down cake layers, cookies and other freshly-baked goods, the nonstick steel rack is a true baker's helper. Revel in the quality baking performance and sophisticated elegance of every pan in the durable, beautiful Anolon(r) Allure(tm) Nonstick Bakeware 5-Piece Bakeware Set, and inspire the inner baking champion within.