26'X25' Olympus Collection Medallion Rug Runner (Ivory Blue)

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Beautify your stairs with the Olympus Collection's 25' Stair Runners featuring stunning Turkish patterns woven into plush, durable stain-resistant rug fabric. The fibers in these durable Turkish rug runners are specially treated for added resistance to abrasion and sunlight. Each stair runner is constructed of heat set polypropylene and polyester with a luxurious, nearly 624,000, points of fabric per square meter, a pile height of 11 mm, and a width of 26 inches. This assortment features modern colorful patterns. If you're comparing prices on stair runners, you might find the following information useful: Points Per Square Meter is the measure of how many threads of fabric stick up from the top of the backing of the stair runner. Typically, the more points per square meter, the higher quality of the stair runner. Our runners feature close to 1 million points per square meter, which is generally higher then what you'll find in most big box home improvement stores. Pile Height is a measurement from the top of each thread (known as a Pile) to the top of the stair runner's backing material. The higher the pile height, the more cushioning you'll feel beneath your feet. Our runners feature an 11 mm pile height, which is higher then what you can expect to find in most non-specialty retailers. The durability of the carpet, sharpness and clarity of the pattern, and the cushioning feel of a stair runner are all factors of Points Per Square Meter, and Pile Height. Lastly, our runners are 100 percent finished, which means you won't need any aftermarket work done before installation. Care instructions: Vacuum regularly. Clean spills immediately by blotting with a clean sponge or cloth. Periodic dry cleaning is recommended. Made in Turkey